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ITI Basic cosmetology MCQ – Manicure And Pedicure

ITI Basic cosmetology MCQ – Manicure And Pedicure

If you are preparing for iti Basic Cosmetology then in this post we are giving you a solved question paper of iti Basic Cosmetology. Which you can also solve yourself. You can improve your preparation. Along with this, the answers have been given. By which you will also get the correct answer for it.

Choose the Correct Answer What is the meaning of “cura”?
(A) Pedicure
(B) Care
(C) Manicure
(D) Expansion of nails

Wax, white part of egg, vegetable colour etc. is used paint –
(A) nails
(B) face
(C) hair
(D) none of these
Answer. nails

Nails are usually made of –
(A) keratin
(B) melanin
(C) vitamins
(D) carbohydrate

The average length of nails in a month grows around mm.
(A) 6-7
(B) 1-2
(C) 8-9
(D) 3-4

What is the area of nails located under the cuticle known as?
(A) Lunula
(B) Matrix
(C) Nail beds
(D) Fingertip

What is the second name of ingrown nail?
(A) Onchomycosis
(B) Chronic Paronychia
(C) Onychocryptosis
(D) None of these

Nail plate and nail bed separate from each other in –
(A) chronic Paronychia
(B) onycholysis
(C) onychomycosis
(D) trichonychia

Nails become in Koilonychia.
(A) square
(B) convex
(C) oval
(D) concave
Answer. concave

What happens in the case of hang nails?
(A) Division of cuticle
(B) White spots on nails
(C) The nail surface becomes thick and brittle
(D) None of these
Answer. Division of cuticle

Who invented the French manicure?
(A) Jimmy Well
(B) Nail Cooper
(C) Jeff Pink
(D) Kim Taylor
Answer.Jeff Pink

Where was French manicure discovered?
(A) Egypt
(B) China
(C) Japan
(D) California

Nail polish in the gel manicure is dried with
(A) sun
(B) ultraviolet rays
(C) cold air
(D) hot air
Answer.ultraviolet rays

What is not included in mini pedicure?
(A) Massage
(B) Quick Soak
(C) Cutting and shaping nails
(D) Nail polish applications

How many types of cuticle pushers are there?
(A) 5
(B) 3
(C) 2
(D) 6

is used to remove the dullness of the nails.
(A) Cuticle nipper
(B) Curative push
(C) Nail cutter
(D) Nail buffer
Answer.Nail buffer

1 What is the use of pumice stone?
(A) To remove the layer of dead skin cells
(B) To clean the nails
(C) To rub the free edges of the nails and give them the ultimate shape
(D) None of these
Answer. To remove the layer of dead skin cells

During manicure is used to immerse hands in water or oil.
(A) tub
(B) bucket
(C) fingerbowl
(D) mugs |

The top coat protects nail paint from chipping quickly.
(A) Incorrect
(B) Correct
(C) Probably
(D) None of these

helps in easy application of nail paint.
(A) Nail cutter
(B) Cuticle nipper
(C) Pumice stone
(D) Toe separator
Answer.Toe separator

Matrix is of how many types?
(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 3
(D) 6
Answer. 2

Corrugation is also known as –
(A) leuconichia
(B) hang Nails
(C) furrowing
(D) none of these

Eponychium is the term used for
(A) the cuticle of the nail
(B) the cuticle of the sides of the nail
(C) folds of the skin over lapping in the sides of the nail
(D) the point where the matrix and the nail bed meet
Answer. the cuticle of the nail

What type of product is a cuticle cream?
(A) Emulsion
(B) Astringent
(C) Exfoliant
(D) Emollient

What is used to remove thick skin on the soles of the feet?
(A) Cuticle nippers
(B) An orangewood stick
(C) A pumice stone
(D) A scrub
Answer. An orangewood stick

The cause of blue nail is
(A) An injury to the nail bed
(B) An injury to the matrix
(C) Poor circulation
(D) Increased circulation
Answer. Poor circulation

The functions of top coat include to
(A) prevent staining of the nail
(B) fill in ridges
(C) protect nail from chipping
(D) prevent the nail from breaking
Answer. protect nail from chipping

The thickening of the nail plate is
(A) atrophy
(B) onycholysis
(C) paraonychia
(D) hypertrophy

Which of the following do NOT belong to the type of manicure?
(A) Plain manicure
(B) Dry manicure
(C) Hot oil manicure
(D) Electric manicure
Answer.Dry manicure

In pedicure, pedis means –
(A) feet
(B) hand
(C) face
(D) neck
Answer. feet

Lunula is the visible portion of the –
(A) nail plate
(B) matrix bed
(C) free edge
(D) cuticle
Answer.matrix bed

The cause of bruised nail is –
(A) an injury to the nail bed
(B) poor blood circulation
(C) an uneven growth of nail
(D) increasing pigment cells
Answer. poor blood circulation

Implement used to loosen and push back the cuticle is
(A) cuticle nipper
(B) emery board
(C) cuticle pusher
(D) tweezer
Answer.cuticle pusher

Tick the correct shapes of nails.
(A) Four
(B) Three
(C) Five
(D) Six

Tick the precautions need not to be taken during manicure.
(A) Container should not be labelled
(B) Sharp pointed implement should be handled with care
(C) Do not file the nail corners too deeply
(D) Avoid too much pressure at the base of the nail
Answer.Container should not be labelled

Application of acrylic product to the new growth is called
(A) filing
(B) tipping
(C) curing
(D)overlapping |

Manicure treatment given away from manicure table –
(A) plain manicure
(B) booth manicure
(C) electric manicure
(D) French manicure
Answer. booth manicure

What is the proper way to file fingernails?
(A) Hold the client’s finger between the thumb
(B) Hold the little finger with thumb
(C) Hold the thumb with index finger
(D) File each nail one by one |
Answer.Hold the client’s finger between the thumb

Name the technical term for nail.
(A) Manus
(B) Cure
(C) Onyx
(D) Stretum

Which implement is used to cut the cuticle?
(A) Cuticle nipper
(B) Emery board
(C) Cuticle pusher
(D) Tweezer
Answer. Cuticle pusher

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