Why do we use diesel filter or fuel filter

DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhy do we use diesel filter or fuel filter
itipapers Staff asked 3 years ago

Why do we use diesel filter or fuel filter how does a diesel fuel filter work types of diesel fuel filter function of fuel filter how does a fuel filter work fuel filter types fuel filter working types of fuel filters pdf fuel filter diesel

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itipapers Staff answered 11 months ago

When diesel oil is produced every effort is made to make it clean and to save it from getting mixed with any impurities. Yet in the process of loading-unloading, transportation and storage of diesel oil some impurities do come in. As we know, diesel oil is already quite thick and when it gets mixed with other elements, it is not fit for use in the fuel system. Because it would damage parts, like fuel injection and fuel injector. The passage in these parts are very narrow. If impure oil mixed with dust or other things is used, it would block their narrow passages. Therefore, necessary arrangements are made to clean the oil before it is used in these parts. For this purpose diesel filter is used.

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